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Seismic sensors to
find hot water.

We hear the heat.


  1. GeoTief Vienna takes measurements in an area of approx. 170 km².
  2. The first measurement in 2017 used ‘vibro trucks’ that took 1,600 individual measurements in 24 days. They used 2,600 ‘geophones’ in order to collect 1.2 terabyte of data.
  3. Building on that, autumn and winter 2018 will see a comprehensive survey conducted across the entire area in order to establish a detailed three-dimensional picture of the underground structure.

Hot water at a depth of

rise in the share of district heating in the overall energy supply mix for home heating, warm water and air conditioning

„It is very probable that the lower strata underneath the eastern parts of Vienna hold large amounts of hot water. These could be used for (geothermal) heating. GeoTief Wien is monitoring for hot water underground. Impulse vehicles (‘vibro trucks’) emit vibrations underground. These are reflected in the different strata underneath and registered by special, highly sensitive and interlinked sensors. This survey gives us an image of the underground structures and allows us to see where there is hot water – and how much. Geothermal energy could reduce the City of Vienna’s dependence on fossil fuels and increase supply security.“ Peter Keglovic, Project Manager, Wien Energie

Photo: © Wien Energie

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