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Until the year 2028 an entirely new part of the city is being built in the 22nd district. Among others the project incorporates housing and office spaces for respectively 20,000 people.

The integrated design of public space is the backbone of forward-looking urban development. “aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside” is a project of new dimensions. The 240-hectare project area makes it one of Europe’s largest urban developments, it is a city within the city. Quality of life and cooperation rank at the top of the agenda.

aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside will be built in the northeast of the city by 2028. In the future, 8,500 housing units will accommodate 20,000 people. Furthermore, 20,000 jobs will be created in the fields of service, trade and industry, science, research and education.

The project has a prime location at the centre of the economic growth region CENTROPE, right on the Vienna-Bratislava axis: Bratislava’s central station can be reached within 28 minutes and Vienna airport within 15 minutes. Construction works have started to connect the Urban Lakeside to the Vienna’s underground system, which will reduce journey time from the city centre to 25 minutes. aspern will become a new centre for Vienna’s 22nd municipal district, providing new stimuli for the region’s economic development by creating new jobs.

The successful planning and development process is guided by the following principles:


The real estate development company Wien 3420 AG was founded to develop aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside as an internationally recognised urban centre. In close cooperation with its partners, the project coordinator “Wien 3420 AG” enhances urban planning, zoning and infrastructural planning. It is owned by GELUP Gmbh (a subsidiary of the Vienna Business Agency, the Vienna Insurance Group, the Austrian Savings Banks AG and the Federal Real Estate Company). To facilitate cooperation with Wien 3420 AG, the City of Vienna has established a special project management unit as part of its Executive Office for Urban Planning, Development and Construction.


The master plan for the Urban Lakeside was created by the Swedish architect Johannes Tovatt, in coordination with Wien 3420 AG, the responsible departments of the City of Vienna and citizens’ representatives. It was an intensive and important process, which ultimately set clear goals for all stakeholders involved. In-depth strategic documents such as a planning manual called “Partitur des öffentlichen Raums” (“The Public Space Score”) or a mobility guide were developed jointly with international experts.

Participation and Involvement

Citizens were involved in the development of the master plan and continue to take an active part in its implementation, e.g. by participating in so-called “City Labs”. The master plan served as a basis for a multi-stage, transparent branding process. Urban planners and stakeholders defined both the target group expected to live at the Urban Lakeside in the future, and the positioning of the appropriate work-life balance theme. The “aspern Vienna’s Lakeside” brand builds on this process and its findings. There is an on-site service and information centre for citizens. The central brand promise, Vienna’s Urban Lakeside district as THE place for life, is formulated in a mission statement.

Quality Assurance

Quality criteria for new urban development, sustainable mobility, a varied mix of utilization types and resource effectiveness are incorporated in the development design of Vienna’s Urban Lakeside in order to create a thriving city district geared to 21st century lifestyle.

Wien 3420 AG only awards land to investors whose projects meet the quality criteria. An advisory board for quality assurance supports and monitors project selection.


Lukas Lang

Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG

E-Mail: llang@wien3420.at

Website: www.wien3420.at

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