Grünfläche mit Lavendel und Bäumen im Boutiquehotel

A solar system, a photovoltaic system, a water heat pump as well as LED and light bulbs are used in the boutique hotel Stadthalle. For these contributions to the CO2 emission reduction, the hotel has already been awarded numerous prizes.

The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is the first city hotel with a zero-energy balance. 80 rooms including 38 rooms in the new building which is designed as a passive house and 42 rooms in the original house, a house built at the turn of the century.

With 130 square meters of solar panels, 93 square meters photovoltaic panels and a water-heat pump, the hotel which is designed as a passive house, produces the energy that it needs itself. Unique for a city hotel, the drinking water is vitalised with a Grander water revitalisation device.

Well water is collected for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Two electric filling stations are planned in front of the hotel. All 38 rooms in the passive house are only equipped with LED and energy-saving lamps. In terms of environmental friendliness and sustainable tourism in Vienna, this hotel has established itself as a leader. The Boutiquehotel was awarded (as the first hotel in Vienna) the EU eco-label, and in 2009 the city of Vienna Environment Prize. As a klima:aktiv (Austrian Climate Initiative) partner , Boutiquehotel has with numerous contributions, contributed to reducing CO2 emissions and was awarded the national award for tourism, as well as the Austrian Award for Climate Protection .

Sustainability and environmental friendliness of the guests, who arrive by bicycle or train, is rewarded by those guests receiving a green bonus of 10 percent.

The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle shows that ingenuity is important especially in today’s economically turbulent times in order to differentiate themselves and to be something special.


Michaela Reitterer

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle



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