Competencies for a sustainable socio-economic development

Joint goals are sustainable entrepreneurial training, increased collaboration between universities and companies and new university spin-offs and / or start-ups in the area of ​​sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Knowledge Alliance CASE jointly accepts the need of new ways of teaching and learning as well as a strong cooperation between higher education and business to enhance a sustainable socio-economic development in general and new forms of sustainable driven enterprises in particular.

The KA aims at changing the EU landscape of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) towards a stronger accentuation on new inter- and transdisciplinary ways of teaching and learning as well as sustainable entrepreneurial education, increasing university-business cooperation, new university spin-offs or relate start ups in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship and a subsequent change in the curricula of European HEIs.

This shall be achieved through the framework and basic elements of a new Joint Master Programme on “Sustainability Driven Entrepreneurship, Policies and Innovation” for European universities. Each module could also be used as “stand-alone” to offer universities substantial support and guidance.

Number and facts

  • Eleven Project Partners from five countries
    Austria: Leadpartner RCE Vienna, WU Wien/Boku Wien/Wiener Stadtwerke
    Italy: Freie Universität Bozen/Terra Institute
    Germany: Universität Vechta/Ulrich Walter GmbH, Lebensbaum; Diepholz
    Czech Republic: Masaryk Universität, Brno/Environment Center Kapraluv; Brno
    Sweden: Universität Götheborg/Ekocentrum Foundation; Götheborg
  • Five regional Pilotmodules (testing of new teaching- and learning formats)
  • 25 Service Learning Projects (Cooperation between universities and partners from practice)
  • Knowledge Plattform with four modules (available online)
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key action: Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices (KA2)
  • Action: Knowledge Alliances
  • Project Start: 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2017
  • Lead coordinator of CASE is the RCE Vienna at the WU Vienna


RCE Vienna – WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien



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