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Visitors and Viennese people spend more than 3.6 million kilometers annually on city bikes.

The Vienna Citybike service (Citybike Wien) is a service from the city of Vienna and Gewista providing for a mobility for the local Viennese as well as visitors to Vienna. Citybike is, as the name implies, an inner-city, individual “means of transport” which rapidly addresses short and very short distances.  Because the stations are often in close proximity to metro or tram stops, they will also provide for a logical link to the public transport network.

The 1,500 bicycles can be hired at any of the 120 public cycling stations and be parked again at any station after the completion of travel. The first hour of each ride is free and costs only occur after the first hours travel. For most of users it remains free because nearly 95 percent of all trips take less than an hour. The most common duration is 10 minutes.


To take advantage of the Citybike Vienna offer, a single sign-on is needed. This can be done easily from home, via smartphone or directly at one of the Citybike terminals. Registration is possible by means of debit card (Maestro or V-Pay) or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB). Also there is the own Citybike card, for which you can apply via the internet or the information pamphlet, which is located at each station.

The registration fee is a one off payment on 1 Euro at the time of first registration. “This initial registration and the symbolic Euro serves only as an identification of users. Should the bike not be returned, then we can reach the user of the bike at any time”, says Hans-Erich Dechant, head of Citybike Vienna.


Hiring the bikes is easy and straightforward. Each of the stations is connected to a central server through an online terminal. This terminal is similar to a cash machine (or ATM). The user inserts their card (debit, credit or Citybike card), the system checks the user’s data and displays the available bikes. After the user successfully enters their password they go to the bike, release the handlebar lock and take the bike. In practice, this process takes no longer than half a minute. 120 stations and a capacity of more than 1,500 bicycles – this is how Citybike Vienna presents itself since 2015.

The usage figures to have been steadily increasing since the start of the system. In 2016, there were already more than 6,000 trips made on nice days. In summer 2016, for the first time more than 140,000 bike hires were registered per month. Each year more than 3.6 million kilometres are travelled.

Facts & Figures

  • 120 stations
  • 1,500 bicycles
  • More than 800,000 registered users
  • In operation since 2003
  • Available around the clock seven days a week
  • First hour of each ride free


DI Dr. Hans Erich Dechant

Head of Citybike

Gewista Werbegesellschaft m.b.H.



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