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The Vienna Business Agency tries to actively tackle the topic “co-creation” and has thus developed the “Co-Creation Lab Vienna”. The reasoning is that the earlier the later users are involved in the development, the greater the chance that newly developed products and services will actually find a market.

Currently, the Co-Creation Lab Vienna is already entering its second round. Once again, established companies and organisations are called upon to submit a specific challenge they face in their daily work. Innovative start-ups and technology companies will subsequently develop solutions to the formulated challenges. As part of the Co-Creation Lab, the Vienna Business Agency brings together the best-suited partner companies, which tailor a solution together.

Renowned companies benefit from the innovative power and know-how of young companies, while they benefit from the networks and the expertise of the established players.

Successful Start

The Co-Creation Lab was a complete success in its pilot stage: in 2016, a total of 75 young companies submitted solutions to eight challenges. The teams that resulted from those challenges are currently working on the implementation of joint projects.

Vienna International Airport, for example, is working on the implementation of a baggage system that is designed to facilitate baggage check-in and collection for travelers. “Engie Gebäudetechnik” is developing a solution to optimize logistical issues on construction sites, such as the availability of small parts. Also on board: the Port of Vienna, the Municipal Department 33 – Public Lighting, Melecs EWS and Tele Haase Steuergeräte.

Example for a Challenge

An example for a challenge from the pilot year 2016 deals with the energetic optimization of buildings. The estimation of the optimization potential of buildings is usually carried out by means of complex individual case tests. Although databases exist in which reference buildings are depicted, they are not used. In the future, an automated solution is to be used, which allows building technicians to quickly supply potential customers with important parameters. ENGIE Gebäudetechnik therefore filed the challenge for the development of an automated benchmarking system at the Co-Creation Lab Vienna. The following actors were involved in solving the problem: (1) the Smart Buildings team of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, (2) gizmocraft design and technology – a company with expertise in database applications and data intelligence, and (3) Xylem Technologies – a Vienna based company that has been developing innovative software solutions in the fields of IT security and energy efficiency since 2009.


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