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Nobody should be forced to spend the night on the streets in Vienna, particularly not in winter. The ColdWeatherApp of the Vienna Social Fund enables quick and easy communication with street outreach workers who can help homeless people with sleeping bags, advice or the provision of warm sleeping places.

People who live on the streets struggle with many problems and difficulties – particularly in winter. With the new ColdWeatherApp set up by the Vienna Social Fund (FSW), Viennese residents only need to make a few clicks on their smartphones to contact street outreach workers who will offer on the spot support to homeless people between November and April.

No emergency service

A street outreach team will offer quick help by providing sleeping bags, advice or assistance with finding warm places to sleep, as required. Please note: The app is no emergency service – as always, for emergencies, please call an ambulance!

Using the app is easy

Step 1: Who needs help?

Tell us who you have seen: Was it just one person or a group? Were there women, men or also children involved? This information is important to enable the street outreach team to provide the best suited help and support. By stating the date and time that you have seen the person(s) you help us get someone out to them as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Where is help needed?

Click on the Vienna map to indicate the location of the person(s). In addition, you can also enter the address and/or a more detailed description of the place, e.g. “in the doorway of the building”. This makes it easier for the outreach workers to find the person(s).

Step 3: Contact details for getting back to you

You’re nearly there! Before clicking on send, you can optionally enter your phone number and e-mail address. This will help us get back to you if our outreach team has any further questions.


Vienna Social Fund (FSW)

E-Mail: kontakt@fsw.at

further information & download: kaelteapp.wien

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