By the end of the century, scientists expect 50 to 55 extreme heat days per year in Neubau. This makes the 7th district one of Vienna’s most severely affected areas by climate change. The redesign of Zieglergasse is a pilot project which shows how hot days can be made bearable even in densely built-up districts like Neubau.

The increasingly hot summer days are a great burden for the inhabitants of the city. Especially children, sick and elderly people suffer from high summer temperatures. In order to provide sustainable relief, Zieglergasse will be redesigned as a so-called “cool mile” – Vienna’s first climate-adapted street.


24 trees provide shade along about one kilometre. Water points provide refreshments for people and animals. Cooling arches are used to cool down certain road sections effectively by several degrees. These measures help to maintain the quality of life in the city even when temperatures are rising.

The climate adaptation project “cool mile” focuses on the well-being of people and animals. With plants, furniture, benches, water points and cooling elements, naturally shaded meeting places are created. The “cool mile” also benefits dogs by providing drinking fountains and shade on hot summer days.

The following areas will receive special attention during the redesign:

  • The forecourt of the elementary school at Zieglergasse 21
  • House setbacks around the house numbers 34/34A
  • Intersection plateau at Westbahnstraße
  • Area between Badhausgasse and Lerchenfelder Straße

At these points, additional sidewalk extensions, shaded seat modules, new green areas, cooling arches and additional drinking water attachments for the existing hydrants will be added.

For cyclists there are a total of 150 parking spaces for bicycles, which are spread over the entire section. The removal of the traffic lights at the Zieglergasse/Westbahnstraße intersection plateau opens up additional design possibilities for speed-reducing measures (elevations of the roadway) and improved sightlines (protruding pavements). These previously tested changes result in increased traffic safety.

Costs and time frame

The total costs for the new adaptations at Zieglergasse after the necessary construction work on the water pipes amount to about 2.4 million euros. 70 percent (approx. 1.7 million) will be financed by the central budget of the City of Vienna (the major part by the Administrative Group Urban Planning, Traffic&Transport, Climate Protection, Energy Planning and Public Participation and a further 80,000 euros by the Administrative Group Environment and Vienna Public Utilities for green area design and landscaping). The remaining approximately 30 percent of the costs are funded by the district of Neubau.

Cool Mile Facts and Figures

Construction area: Zieglergasse from Apollogasse to Lerchenfelder Strasse (in 2018 four tree grids were built between Mariahilfer Strasse and Apollogasse)
Start of construction: August 2019
End of construction: December 2019

  • 4 cooling arches
  • 5 pergolas with seating elements
  • 32 single armchairs
  • 5 hydrant attachments
  • 20 trees (+4 trees from 2018)
  • 263 parking spaces after reconstruction
  • 724 parking spaces in garages
  • 150 parking spaces for bicycles


District Administration Neubau



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