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The Digital Agenda Vienna is the result of a collective work process between citizens, Vienna City Administration and entrepreneurs. It was written with the help of a participatory platform, which is still available for feedback and discussion.

Digitalisation has entered all areas of today’s life: where would street cleaning, energy supply, schools, transport, health institutions, food supplies, not to mention the city’s general administration, be without information and communication technologies?

The City of Vienna is facing this challenge by proposing a strategy with the Digital Agenda Vienna that tackles the ways in which this particular change process can be managed successfully.

Online Participation

The Digital Agenda Vienna initiative is the result of a collective working process. Over a period of several months, interested citizens were involved interactively in the development of ideas via an online participation platform. These ideas were discussed in working groups and their feasibility was examined. The final text of the Digital Agenda was then drafted with public participation, again via the online participation platform.

This collaboration has been made possible through smart technologies and a departure from traditional working methods. When new technologies and new thinking come together, extraordinary things become possible.

Digitale Agenda Vienna becomes concrete

From the Digital Agenda Vienna, there are already numerous implemented projects and applications such as the official wien.at live app, the initiative DigitalCity.Wien or a smart infrastructure for everyone (more than 400 wien.at public WLAN hotspots).

Most recently, the Digital Agenda of Vienna drew up proposals from the public for intelligent app services. Once again, the great potential for online crowdsourcing showed. More than 100 well-thought-out ideas have been submitted on Vienna’s e-participation platform. The best proposals were further concretized with almost 100 enthusiastic citizens in the context of an “open-space workshop” at the beginning of 2016 using different creative methods and were made visible in the form of “mock-ups”.

In order to plan and implement these innovative projects and applications, an innovation team is set up within the administration, which, among other things, brings the “Sag’s Wien” app to the stores. This app allows the population to quickly report to the city administration, which re-communicates directly within the app. Further app conversions are already in planning.

Internet of Things

Die Digitale Agenda Wien ist nicht in Stein gemeißelt. Sie wird vielmehr gemeinsam mit den Wienerinnen und Wienern dynamisch fortgeschrieben! Es sind bereits zahlreiche weitere Umsetzungsprojekte sowie Erweiterungen der Digitalen Agenda geplant

Open Innovation: Digitale Agenda Vienna in motion

The Digital Agenda Vienna is not set in stone. On the contrary – it is dynamically shared with the Viennese people! Numerous other implementation projects as well as extensions of the Digital Agenda are already in planning!


Thomas Schuhböck

Chief Executive Office– Executive Group for Organisation and Security

E-Mail: thomas.schuhboeck@wien.gv.at

Website: Digitale Agenda Wien

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