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The “Viennese model for the infiltration of street water” was awarded the Vienna Engineering Award in November 2016. DI Bernhard Engleder, head of the MA 28, accepted the award in a deputy and emphasized that this award was “a confirmation of our know-how in modern road construction”.

The Viennese seepage model is a dual system, which separates chloride polluted water from less polluted water and redirects the waste water to the sewage or a seepage basin respectively. The model is tested in the Edith-Piaf-Street in Seestadt Aspern (urban development project). The completion of the pilot installation and its activation is scheduled in summer 2017.

Four cascading seepage basins are being built, which are connected to each other with an overflow dam. North of these basins a system, which redirects more waste water from a subsequent public passage into the seepage model, is located.

An accompanying monitoring is going to be conducted by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. Depending on the success of the project, a broader application in Seestadt Aspern and in other Viennese areas is planned.

Benefits and Application Areas

With this project the following environmental goals of the City of Vienna are supported:

  • groundwater protection
  • contemporary snow and ice control
  • improvement of the city climate by redirecting clean rainwater back to the natural water circulation
  • relief of the strain on the canalisation during storms
  • flooding protection

The developed model is suitable for application at all public streets that are connected to the sewage system and that dispose of enough space for seepage basins.


All known national and international examples for seepage systems only redirect street waste water to seepage basins without separating the waste water. No dual models have been realised yet.

Project partners

The project is realised by the Municipal Department for Road Management and Construction in cooperation with Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, which serves as development corporation and sponsor of the construction of the project.

Further important project partners are:

  • Chief Executive Office – Executive Group for Construction and Technology
  • Municipal Department 42 – Parks and Gardens
  • Municipal Department 45 – Water Management
  • Municipal Department 48 – Waste Management, Street Cleaning and Vehicle Fleet
  • Vienna Sewage
  • Engineering Office Neukirchen ZT-GmbH
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna


Municipal Department 28 – Road Management and Construction

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Website: https://www.wien.gv.at/verkehr/strassen/

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