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The e-government services are provided on the virtual municipal authority website of the City of Vienna. The virtual municipal authority assists citizens and businesses in carrying out their official business.

Vienna is the city of short distances, also as far as the authorities are concerned. If the Viennese have to go to the municipal authority, they can inform themselves in advance at www.wien.at and in many cases the so-called virtual municipal authority can replace the physical one. Almost 600 official assistance pages facilitate or replace the physical municipal authority. Surveys among the users show: Who “goes online”, saves about 2 hours. Very smart!

The City of Vienna attaches great importance to including citizens in the expansion of e-government services. Their feedback and the “outside view” help to develop the digital services of the city according to the citizens’ needs. Regular workshops with the population as well as with companies provide the city administration with information about how the digital service offer is to be expanded.

Frequently used and much appreciated

The citizens want to be able to deal with administrative municipal matters online as quickly and simply as possible. Many people already use the digital services offered by the city. Today, 7 out of 10 newly registered businesses are registered online. The dog registration over the internet is very popular too. Approximately 85% of these registrations are made electronically. The most popular feature is the information about historical certificates of registration – 9 out of 10 requests are made online. The legally required notifications for the tourism statistics are handled electronically as well. Three-quarters of the Viennese accommodation companies use the virtual municipal authority and thus save a lot of time.

The E-Government offers receive about one million page hits per month. The website of the City of Vienna “wien.at” records 8 million hits per month.

The electronic ID

For certain municipal authority matters, a signature is required for a clear identification (e.g. for petitions or certain requests). Here you have the possibility to digitally identity yourself and to undersign with the citizen card or the mobile signature. Numerous official channels, such as the application for the Parkpickerl (parking allowance) or requesting a postal voting card, can be done much faster and more conveniently over the internet. This saves the population and the authorities a lot of time!

Further Information

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Citizen Card – The electronic ID


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