ICT in the treatment process and patient management

 Through the support of ICT, more efficient and faster treatment processes are possible. Patients will consequently spend less time in hospitals and in doctor’s offices.

E-Health is a subarea of the ICT strategy of the city of Vienna. The goal of E-Health is to improve quality and efficiency in health and social services.

The planning and steering process in health is to be facilitated and designed more effective through the coordinated use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

E-Health concerns the treatment process as well as patient management with the support of information and communication technologies (ICT). The management of the facilities themselves, the planning and steering process in health and welfare, as well as quality management also benefit from the availability and analysis of these data. Access to information and services should have a lower threshold, high quality services should be provided in a simple, effective and affordable way.

The essential elements of E-Health in Vienna are:

  • A secure and reliable E-Health infrastructure for health and welfare
  • The electronic health record (ELGA)
  • Online access to quality-assured health information networks for citizens, patients, service providers and sponsors
  • Telemedicine services, particularly including mobile monitoring equipment (e.g., home monitoring)
  • Decision support systems
  • The tools for the analysis of anonymized data for planning, control and transparency of the provision of services in the health field as well as for medical-epidemiological research
  • The technical and organisational measures for data protection and data security

The E-Health strategy and the E-Health project portfolio are available on the website of the city of Vienna. The E-Health strategy is currently under revision and is expected to be published in early 2016; selected E-Health projects are documented in the project portfolio.


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