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As part of the project, an existing building in the 23rd district is equipped with e-charging stations and residents will be provided with e-vehicles for 6 weeks. As a result, insights can be gathered for e-mobility retrofitting in existing buildings.

In the course of this project, funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund (program “electric mobility in practice”), garage spaces in an existing building of the developer “Wien Süd”, in the 23rd district of Vienna, are equipped with charging stations and residents are provided with an electric vehicle for six weeks, whereas a share of e-mobility of 30%-50% shall be simulated. Through detailed metrological monitoring it is examined, whether the connected power capacity of the building is sufficient and information on the user satisfaction of the subject group in regards to e-mobility is gathered. Therefore, charging stations as well as charging management for electric vehicles are installed in the underground parking and the residents that take part in the project are equipped with a free electric vehicle.

Research on Technical Aspects

There is now consensus among experts that electromobility will be an essential component of the energy and mobility transition – especially in urban areas. The retrofitting of e-charging infrastructure in existing residential buildings will be a decisive factor for the market ramp-up of electromobility in cities. In this transformation, some key technical issues – even in professional circles – are not yet sufficiently clarified.

  • Is the existing power capacity of buildings sufficient and if so for how many vehicles?
  • To what extent can load management in practice actually ensure that charging stations are retrofitted to a significant degree in existing residential buildings without the need to purchase significant additional services or even to build an additional transformer?

The pilot project is accompanied by a detailed monitoring mechanism. This helps in clarifying these issues and to gather information for the broader development of e-mobility in existing buildings.

The project is being implemented on behalf of the Climate and Energy Fund as part of the “Electromobility in Practice” program.


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