The Energy Saving License conveys the efficient use of energy and the necessary know-how to do so. The offer is aimed at adolescents as well as at organisations, individuals or administrative institutions.

The Energy Saving License is a project of the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection (MA 22) in cooperation with DIE UMWELTBERATUNG and the Municipal Department for Energy Planning (MA 20). The additional qualification is intended to convey how small measures can significantly reduce energy consumption in companies, at school or at home. In order to obtain the Energy Saving License, a test on practice-oriented competences in the field of energy saving in the workplace and in everyday life must be taken. Appropriate seminars for preparation are offered by DIE UMWELTBERATUNG. In the seminars, the necessary knowledge is communicated interactively on the basis of group work, practical examples and arithmetic tasks.

The goal is to gain basic knowledge on the topics:

  • energy and energy parameters
  • everyday options for saving energy
  • environmental impact of energy consumption
  • climate protection and renewable energy sources

More than 1,000 people have already passed the test successfully at one of Vienna’s Adult Education Centers (VHS). The 20-question exam can be taken with or without a preparatory seminar. Additional free learning materials and a practice quiz are offered for free. For people who themselves want to convey the knowledge to save energy, DIE UMWELTBERATUNG also offers a course to train you as an energy coach.

Climate change and scarce resources make the sustainable use of energy increasingly necessary. For this reason, it is now necessary to switch to renewable energy sources and implement energy efficiency measures. Even small measures can save a lot of energy and money: By avoiding the stand-by operation of computers and printers in an office with ten workplaces, you can save € 400 in energy costs per year. In order to achieve the long-term implementation of such measures, the offers are particularly aimed at adolescents.


Municipal Department 20 – Energy Planning


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