The children of the elementary school Oberlaa planted herbs on a 5 square meters large free-standing wall. In the course of the project the childern learned about some of the designated pillars of a Smart City such as climate protection and energy efficiency.

After about 18 months the elementary school Oberlaa celebrated the successful completion of its project “the hanging gardens of Oberlaa” on June 23rd, 2016. In November 2014 the class of that time 4B with its idea for the city of the future was awarded the Young Visions Award powered by Pöyry and was subsequently supported in realising the project. Sandra Frauenberger, the then Executive City Councillor for Education, District Chairperson Hermine Mospointner and Christoph Peschek (Rapid Wien – local football club) were greatly impressed by the presentation of the students.

Children simply have the best ideas. The school should be thereby serve as the place, where creativity knows no limits and the think tank can operate without barriers. In Vienna, we are working to ensure that that freedom is given in our schools” says the then Executive City Councillor for Education Sandra Frauenberger.

For participating in the Young Visions Awards 2014 the children gathered various ideas regarding the topic city of the future. The suggestion to cultivate and plant greenery on the walls of the building was considered to be very sustainable, particularly creative and easily realisable. The project was then realised with support of renowned and prominent endorsers and crowdfunding.

Precisely a freestanding five square meters wall was constructed and greened by planting herbs. The children sow the seeds themselves and are thus involved in the realisation from the beginning. They learn how to grow, cultivate and harvest plants. They additionally experience how the seasons and extreme weather affects vegetation. Besides a lot of fun, an exciting diversion from daily school routine and a lesson in biological cultivation, it is a particularly nice experience for the children to literally reap the fruits of their own work.

“Smart-City – Hanging Gardens” Zotter mint-chocolate

The Styrian chocolate manufacturer Zotter, famous for its extraordinarily creative chocolate combinations, supported the project with a special idea – from the mint, which is harvested by the students of the elementary school in Oberlaa, the company will produce a mint-chocolate called “Smart City – Hanging Gardens”. Every supporter who contributes more than 20€ will subsequently receive a small bar of that special edition.

The project was fully financed through donations and communicated through a crowdfunding-campaign. There were many private, but also public contributors: the football club Rapid Wien backed the project and from the political side Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou, Executive City Councillor Sandra Frauenberger and the District Council of the 10th district belonged to the endorsers. Renowned companies such as Wiener Stadtwerke, Hutchinson Drei, Kelag, APG and last but not least Pöyry themselves generously supported the project. The company Tech Metall, which was responsible for the construction, donated time, material and expertise.

Green walls are smart

The students of the elementary school Oberlaa shall not stay the only ones to have their own garden. The press conference is the starting shot to establish green walls in other schools in Vienna. Under the banner of Smart City children learn the essential values of Smart Cities such as climate protection and energy efficiency from a lived example. The gardens also serve as impulses for new education concepts, which bring the urban youth closer to nature and vividly convey the significance of nature in our lives.


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