leila.wien is a physical library for all kinds of goods – save money, space and resources by using those goods in a collaborative way.

In the year 2050 it is likely that over nine billion people will live on our planet. Not only will live more people on our planet, but they will also live longer because live expectancy is steadily increasing. That means that more people have more time to use more stuff and everybody is longing for what we call western standards. Those standards include a lot of goods and products that we cannot produce endlessly because we live in a world with limited resources. Many aspects (energy, mobility…) of our life and endless products that we consume are based on crude oil and other raw materials that get scarcer and scarcer. So we have to start now to establish new values, for example diminishing the importance of property. To use instead of owning certain items is one way to do that. There are studies that a drilling machine is averagely only used 13 minutes in its operating life.

Sharing is Caring

Not all of us have to possess everything. There are many things like tools or traveling equipment that usually lie around much more time than they are in use. This demands lots of money, space at home and plenty of scarce natural resources. It is way more efficient when basic commodities are shared than if everyone buys, stores and disposes of them separately. This also gives you the possibility to try different instruments or use machines and items you only need in a certain moment – for example a drilling machine – or time of your life, e.g. accessories for children.

leila.wien works just like a library for books, with the only difference that we offer many reusable goods instead of books. The goods are collected out of private stocks and are made available for lending to the members of leila.wien in exchange for a yearly fee. But leila.wien shall not only be a physical place for lending and borrowing goods which would otherwise only catch dust in your private storeroom. Their vision is to connect people, establish a community and convey the joy of a sustainable lifestyle.

As much as creating an own growing community, their aim is to connect with other groups and people within the area of collaborative consumption and production network. In this network leila.wien seeks to establish themselves as THE contact point of the sharing community in Austria. Contact has been established and a joint event with an international network called „Oui-share“ was held, which aims to connect the sharing community internationally.

The ultimate goal is to encourage many more sharing shops all over Austria and beyond to be founded, so that sharing goods get’s a step closer to being the norm instead of being the rare exception. Intended as a prototype in Vienna, the concept of libraries of things is ready to be spread. You can find the Leila Starter Kit filled with tips and experiences of many projects just like leila.wien.



E-Mail: info@leila.wien

Website: www.leila.wien (in German)

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