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The aim of the project is to establish the link between structural framework conditions, conceptual demands on the use of urban space and urban development as well as everyday life appropriation in order to place the demands on a modern mix of use in the face of social change at these different levels.

The “Mischung: Possible!” focuses on the development and implementation of suitable concepts on the subject of mixed use and flexible capacities in contemporary housing. The attention is on the socially, economically and ecologically sustainable interplay of work and life in densely built-up parts of the city before the backdrop of an integral view of the areas of activity construction and urban mobility.


The goal of the project is to create the connection between structural framework conditions, conceptual demands for the variety of use and city planning implementation as well as everyday-world appropriation in order to locate the demands for a contemporary mixed usage in light of the social, ecoligical and technological change at these different levels. “Mischung: Possible!” creates a platform for knowledge transfer between the players involved (institutions, planners, developers, users, etc.) and by means of this participative approach as result innovation scenarios and implementable momentum models derived from this for new open-use residential areas.


In city development, an effort has been underway for many years to push the detailed mixed-use toward making densely built-up areas of the city more attractive and sustainable. Although such aims and other similar ones have already been pursued for some time, the practice in city planning often deviates considerably from these objectives. Innovation must extend in this context beyond the material dimension into new ways of thinking and behaving, which qualitatively differ from conventional definitions. Here it is necessary to establish new platforms for the exchange of knowledge and experience, to challenge current outdated routines and practices and to develop new solutions that not least enable a successful simultaneity of different types of innovations.


The results of the exploratory project “Mischung: Possible!” were presented and discussed at the IBA Talks “Gemischte Stadt” on November 10, 2016. Implementation impulses for a sustainable use mix in the urban development area of Nordbahnhof Wien are now to be established in the new Smart Cities demonstration project “Mischung: Nordbahnhof” from 2017 to 2019.


Dr. Christian Peer

TU Vienna

E-Mail: christian.peer@tuwien.ac.at

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