Monitoring Report 2017

With the Workshop Report No. 177, the results of the first Smart City Wien Framework Strategy Monitoring are available online and can now be accessed by everyone. In order to ensure that Vienna’s Smart City Vision becomes a lived reality for all citizens, the aim is to regularly evaluate the progress towards the defined objectives of the Framework Strategy.

Monitoringbericht 2017

Four years after its approval by the city council, the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy has now been extensively tested for its feasibility as part of a monitoring process. With the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy, Vienna set itself comprehensive goals in order to meet the challenges of climate change in 2014. In doing so, Vienna does not only determine its success in the use of modern technologies, but chooses a holistic approach: Smart is defined as ensuring the quality of life for all residents, while at the same time conserving the greatest possible amount of resources using innovative technologies and processes.

Vienna is also taking new, innovative steps in the monitoring process. The periodic monitoring process is comprehensive and includes all areas of the city. A high level of transparency has been ensured in order to make success visible – but also to show where readjustments are necessary. For the monitoring process, key figures were defined for each topic and action field, which allow a precise statement about where the city stands. However, the results from the monitoring do not only illustrate the status quo. They also create a platform to coordinate implementation measures and further improve the cooperation between the individual actors.

The monitoring was carried out for the first time in 2017. Around 50 institutions and companies with more than 120 participants participated in the monitoring process. In which areas Smart City Wien is on target achievement course and where details need to be readjusted, can be read here (currently only in German; an English version will be published soon).

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