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With the project myCoffeeCup Vienna tackles the problem of the wasteful use of disposable coffee to go cups. The new reusable cups are available at numerous partners and can also be returned to them. In addition, there are returning machines at central hubs, such as subway stations. So, without much effort, something can be done for the environment!

Around 84 million disposable coffee to go cups a year in Vienna consume a large amount of resources, creating a massive waste problem and a culture of waste. The fact, that the lifestyle product in the disposable cup, usually a single-walled paper cup with a thin plastic coating inside, has a massive impact on our environment, is blocked out by most people. But the convenience-oriented consumer demands a simple and above all convenient solution.

A cup, a system, the solution!

A real, sustainable alternative to the disposable coffee to go cup is the reusable cup system with cup return options in central areas and decentralised, ecological dish-washing logistics. Together with the City of Vienna, the Viennese company CUP SOLUTIONS has taken on the problem of disposable cups and launched the pilot project myCoffeeCup.

The myCoffeeCup was specifically designed for hot drinks. The reusable cup is reusable up to 500 times and has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel. When the cup arrives at the end of its life cycle, its material is recycled into toys. And best of all, hot drinks in the myCoffeeCup also do something good for the wallet as they are at least 10 cents cheaper than the products in disposable cups.

Returning cups – easy, quick and whenever you want

The myCoffeeCup relies on easy, convenient and, above all, fast return of used reusable cups. In addition to the partners, where the cups can be returned, myCoffeeCup returning machines are positioned in Vienna at central hubs, such the subway stations Landstraße, Neubaugasse and Schwedenplatz or the flower gardens Hirschstetten. With the return of the cup you get the Euro, which you paid when you bought the myCoffeeCups, back as a voucher back, which can be redeemed at all partners.

On the right way with the myCoffeeCup app

The myCoffeeCup app tells you where the participating partners and returning machines are located. By clicking on the partner branch, the app shows you via Google Maps the shortest way to get there. The vouchers can also be easily collected in the app and redeemed at the partners. The more partner shops participate, the fewer disposable cups are sold. If you are interested in a cooperation, you can contact info@mycoffeecup.at.

Hygienic impeccable dish-washing logistics

Since 2006 CUP SOLUTIONS offers reusable solutions of all kinds. The conviction for ecologically sensible systems and the goal of designing them in a simple and efficient way for the customer are driving the company. The specifically developed dish-washing technology, the photovoltaic system at the company’s site, the heat recovery system for the machines, process and environment-oriented logistics and the recycling of the cups characterise the company. The company’s efforts were also honoured with the Austrian Ecolabel.

CUP SOLUTIONS takes care of the environmentally friendly cleaning and logistics around the myCoffeeCups and the returning machines.

There is no plan(et) B!

The myCoffeeCup system offers an innovative, city-wide and simple reusable cup system for coffee to go in Vienna. No washing, no drying, no extra effort for the consumer and yet you do something good for the environment.

This can save up to 42 million litres of water, 1.9 million kg of timber and 9.6 million kWh of valuable resources. The aim of the city is to replace 1 million disposable cups during the pilot phase of the project. Thus, 1,344 spruces could be saved per year and at the same time the annual energy requirement of around 2,500 households could be saved, which corresponds to around twice the consumption of the Karl-Marx-Hof. If you put the saved energy into an electric bus, you can drive about 150 times around the world with 30 people.

Join in and do your part! The iOS and Android apps are available from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Further information under www.mycoffeecup.at (in German).


E-Mail: info@mycoffeecup.at

Website: www.mycoffeecup.at or www.cupsolutions.at (in German)

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