Smart.                     Simple.

Creativity in
public space.

We create an oasis
in our neighbourhood.


  1. Over 140 Grätzloase projects have created local havens throughout Vienna since 2015.
  2. More than 700 activities in total were staged in Grätzloasen in 2016 and 2017. These include parties, workshops, sports events, communal dining and many more.
  3. The ‘wiener spiel!straße’ project erects temporary blocks to make a street available to children for safe play and to facilitate community contact. About 60 events take place per year; they can be initiated by local residents and associations.

„Who are my neighbours? We wanted to find out and that’s how we came up with the idea of a long table on Hirschengasse. The entire street is blocked off for one evening and turned into a long dining table. All local residents are invited to attend a communal open air dinner in order to get to know each other and use the public space as their home away from home. It’s a simple system: everyone takes a chair and something to eat and drink (we’re particularly keen on home-made contributions!). It’s a joy – we use public space and strengthen neighbourhood community at the same time.“ Lorenz Prommegger, initiator of „Langer Tisch Hirschengasse“

54% of the area of Vienna is green space.
(Data: 2016, agricultural fields not included)


Colourful local havens, Grätzloasen, bring life to areas that had previously neglected community activities. Parking spaces are turned into neighbourhood gardens and hangouts, a street into the city’s longest dining table. Anyone with a creative idea for implementation in public space can apply to Projects that are approved are given financial or administrative support. (in German)

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Through neighbourhood oases public space is returned to the inhabitants of the city in the form of parklets, neighborhood festivals, dinner boards in the street or the like. The association “Local Agenda 21 Vienna” advises interested parties and supports projects in the implementation.

The program “Neighbourhood Oasis” supports Viennese citizens to create vibrant and multifaceted public places based on their ideas: Parklets with living room atmosphere in parking lanes, a white-clothed dinner table in the street, a public staircase used for a cheerful neighbourhood party or baking bread jointly on a small green road island. There are many ideas to promote neighbourhoods and to create new opportunities for common action in the public. The engaged citizens get a financial support up to 4.000 € per action.

It’s easy to take part

Citizens can submit their ideas on the website grä using the registration form or download more information here. Three to four times per year a jury chooses those ideas, which shall be realised. The criteria to be met are:

  • Offering new ways to use the public space together with others
  • Motivating others to participate
  • Supporting neighbourly living
  • Creative and imaginative actions
  • Can realistically implemented in the allocated time frame
  • No commercial goals
  • Temporary character

The staff of the association Local Agenda 21 in Vienna counsels interested persons before they submit their ideas and supports the actions to be realised after the selection. They help with detailed planning of actions and to obtain the necessary permits.

Tailwind for the STEP 2025

The program Neighbourhood Oasis fosters different goals from the thematic concepts   Public Space, Green and Free Space and Mobility. These concepts concretise the Viennese Urban Development Plan 2025 and address various opportunities to use the public space in new ways. In addition the Neighbourhood Oasis supports general goals of the Viennese Urban Development Plan like that Vienna is a learning and participative city and that public space should be shared fairly between the different user groups. Furthermore all the small greening measures which are part of many neighbourhood oasis help to improve the city climate. By supporting the STEP 2025, the program also contributes to the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy, which is closely linked to the urban development plan.


Local Agenda 21 Vienna

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Website: www.grä (in German)

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