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The project Optihubs addresses the optimisation of logistical processes at mulitmodal hubs at the example of the port of Vienna.

Following the pilot study “Smart Hubs 2.0″, which dealt with the optimization potential in multimodal nodes and analyzed this in regard to an overall traffic system strategy, the FFG-sponsored project “Optihubs” started in August 2014 (08/2014 – 07/2016). In addition to TU Vienna, the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna and the two companies nast and Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH, Hafen Wien was also brought on board as a cooperation partner for the follow-up project.

In the course of the investigation, a concrete need for research into the development of systematized processes for increasing freight traffic, particularly considering the Danube waterway, was determined. The project “Optihubs” now takes the example of the port of Vienna to focus on the development of a systematized optimization process for logistical, operational and administrative processes and location-bound frame conditions in order to identify and minimize defects and weaknesses in multimodal nodes. The identification of alternative, existing product segments that are potentially suitable for transport by waterways, as well as their market analysis with respect to their potential for strengthening the Danube waterway are of major importance. With the help of a target process chain at the port of Vienna, logistic processes are optimized with respect to an efficient use of resources and an optimal sequence of the processes is ensured.


DI Rainer Müller

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

E-Mail: rainer.mueller@urbaninnovation.at

Website: Optihubs

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