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A research project of the Municipal Department 29 and the Technical University Vienna is investigating soil resistance in the Vienna subsoil to enable future savings in construction projects.

The city of Vienna, espeically as a Smart City and one of the largest contracting entity in Austria, has high interest in economic and smart construction methods, which at the same time takes care of the environment. With the research project “Unteres Hausfeld”, the properties of the Donauschotter (bright area in illustration), which influences approximately 60% of the soils of the urban area, and the Miocene (dark green area in illustration), which is present in about 50% of the urban area, are researched and the possibility of a more efficient use of resources for projects with deep foundations is investigated. A rough estimate showed that the research project could save about 3-5% of the concrete volume. Concrete savings and the correspondingly lower demand for cement would also be reflected in a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, the possibility of saving CO2 by using alternative cements is investigated.

Added Value for the City of Vienna

  • More economical and efficient building method for all building and construction projects in more than 50% of the city of Vienna
  • Reduction of concrete volume needed and thus reduced transport distances
  • Reduction of cement used, which causes high CO2 emissions during production
  • By examining alternative cements, the CO2 load can be further reduced

Project Partners

The research project is carried out by the Municipal Department 29 – Bridge Construction and Foundation Engineering. The Technical University Vienna will conduct the accompanying scientific research. The Municipal Department 39 (Research Centre, Laboratory and Certification Services) and Smart Minerals Ltd have great interest in the investigation of the impact of different types of cement used for the construction of foundations. Smart Minerals has been founded in 2013, as a spin off of research laboratories for the cement industry as well as the according department for expermental sciences of the Technical University Vienna.


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