“Sag’s Wien” Application

With the “Sag’s Wien” application you can report a concern, a danger point or a malfunction to the Vienna City Administration at any time and place in the city.

With the digitization strategy of the City of Vienna, the opportunity for the Viennese people to participate should be further increased. Vienna is already taking a pioneering role here and wants to further expand it. Within the framework of the strategy, the City of Vienna has developed a new app called “Sag’s Wien”, which allows citizens to communicate their concerns to the city administration in 30 seconds.

With “Sag’s Wien” Vienna becomes more mobile, more personal, more networked – and the dialogue between citizens and the administration is improved. A milestone on the way to being a digital city. The app was, together with committed Viennese people, developed as part of the “Digital Agenda Vienna”.

What does the app do?

With a few clicks, messages can be sent to the city administration quickly, intuitively and without mandatory registration. The “Sag’s Wien – smart check” reviews new messages and checks whether the city administration is already informed of the concern.

Messages can be displayed in three different ways: in a list, on a city map or in detail. Users can support other messages or click on “follow” to stay informed about a certain concern. With a personal profile the messages can be personalized and “Sag’s Wien” can be used on different devices.

The city administration processes the message as soon as possible and informs about the current status by means of push notification.

Within the first 10 days after the launch, the “Sag’s Wien” app was downloaded 7,000 times and 1,000 reports were issued. These numbers show the appreciation of the citizens and confirm the good work of the project team.

In total, the app has been downloaded more than 31,000 times since its release in February 2017 (as of July 2018). During this period, 27,000 reports were received, of which 97% could be resolved. The City of Vienna is thoroughly pleased with how the app is embraced by Viennese citizens.

Vienna as a pioneer in Europe

The “Sag’s Wien” app is one of the first implementation projects of the Digital Agenda Vienna. It aims to strengthen the “digital competence” of the public as well as of its citizens, the international positioning of Vienna as a “digital city” and the expansion of the digital infrastructure. In this respect, Vienna is already a pioneer in e-government across Europe:

  • Almost 600 e-government services (administrative assistance pages) facilitate or save citizens of a journey to the municipal office, saving around two hours of time per official journey.
  • Around 1,000,000 page hits on the e-government offer are registered per month. wien.at, the website of the City of Vienna, records about eight million hits a month.
  • Around 80,000 persons use the 412 free-of-charge WLAN hotspots at public places.
  • 3,000 WLAN hotspots are available to around 100,000 students and the 14,000 teachers in the schools of the City of Vienna. 17,000 computers and notebooks are used in the classrooms.
  • In open-government, the City of Vienna has a top position among the European capital cities: 315 open data sets have so far been made available free of charge by the City of Vienna, resulting in 207 apps and visualizations.
  • Vienna is one of the IT capitals. Approximately 50,000 people are employed by one of the approximately 5,500 ICT companies that achieve a value added of almost 20 billion euros.


Robin Heilig

Municipal Department 14 – project manager “Sag’s Wien” app

E-Mail: robin.heilig@wien.gv.at

Website & Download: Download of the “Sag’s Wien” app

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