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Since 2016 Vienna has been working with its partner cities Munich and Lyons on the beacon project “Smarter Together”, in which over 30 project partners are piloting technical and social innovations in established urban neighbourhoods. The overarching objective is to promote sustainable renewal within the existing urban fabric. Local residents in Vienna’s Simmering  district are involved in some 40 individual projects within the project area, including e.g. building refurbishment works and an e-car sharing scheme at a housing complex in Hauffgasse. In autumn 2017 more than 6,000 local people took part in the mobility game “Beat the Street”.

Mobile outreach unit & data platform

Many local residents also visit the  SIMmobil, the project’s mobile public outreach unit, or reserve an e-cargo bike direct and free of charge via www.graetzlrad.wien. Conventional e-bikes are also available to hire at gate 2 of Vienna Central Cemetery. Education likewise plays an important role in climate action. Smarter Together projects in the education sector include an extension to the school on Enkplatz with four brand-new zero-energy gymnasia, two solar benches and an array of educational workshops.  Smarter Together is also spearheading the development of the Simmering Education Quarter centred on Enkplatz.

In line with the Smart City Wien ethos, a dedicated FIWARE open-source data platform permits all kinds of data gathered in the context of the project to be analysed for research purposes. Commercial project partners such as Siemens and Post AG are using the data to develop smart logistics solutions, and a whole range of other partners from business and industry, R&D, civil society organisations and the municipal administration are collaborating closely under the initiative.  Smarter Together stands out for its integrated approach to climate action and measures to enhance urban quality of life.

VCÖ Mobility Award 2017

All the implemented measures have now entered the monitoring and evaluation phase, which will last until 2021.  The primary focus here is on assessing the extent to which the findings and experience can be rolled out to other projects, with a major emphasis on participatory processes and knowledge management (peer-to-peer learning). In addition, new business models are to be developed to allow these solutions, all of which have been tested by real people in their everyday lives, to be replicated elsewhere. Smarter Together is currently the largest EU-subsidised Smart City urban renewal initiative in Vienna. In 2017 it won the VCO Mobility Award in the category “Active Mobility and Public Space”. Further information can be found here.


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Project Lead “Smarter Together”

Dr. Julia Girardi-Hoog

MA 25 – Municipal Department of Urban Renewal & Inspecting Authority for Residential Buildings

E-Mail: julia.girardi-hoog@wien.gv.at

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