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“Smarter Together” is the joint Smart City Lighthouse project from Vienna, Munich and Lyon. It is co-funded by the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 research program.

In selected districts, technical and social innovations as well as innovative processes contribute to sustainable urban renewal. These contribute to the achievement of the UN climate goals. In addition, impulses for a positive social dynamic are to be set.

More than 30 project partners, from administration, research as well as the industry and SMEs participate in the project. The project comprises a three-year implementation phase (2016-2019) and a subsequent phase of monitoring and evaluation (until 2021), which also includes further deepening the replication of the project.

Smarter Together is characterized by its holistic approach. The focus is on effective Smart City measures for climate protection and more urban quality of life – such as integrated building refurbishment, climate-friendly energy systems, e-mobility and innovative data management.

In Vienna alone, more than 40 individual projects are being implemented. These include trend-setting residential refurbishments with innovative energy solutions including an e-car sharing in the housing complex of the BWSG in Hauffgasse, as well as the systematic involvement of the citizens in SIMmobile, Smarter Together’s mobile urban participation lab. It also includes a school extension on the Enkplatz with four new, smart zero-energy gyms, two solar benches and many workshops with the “Science Pool”. An e-cargo-bike can be booked for free at www.graetzlrad.wien. E-bikes are available at the Central Cemetery Zentralfriedhof respectively at the gate 2 (Tor 2). Also, a new data platform was created. Industrial logistics are an important topic at Siemens on Leberberg and at the Post. In autumn 2017, more than 6,000 inhabitants of Simmering, mostly kids, took part in the mobility game “Beat the Street”. Smarter Together also holds the thematic leadership in the development of the education quarters Enkplatz and Simmering, which is the expression of a future-oriented dynamic that Smarter Together stands for.

Of central importance are participatory processes as well as knowledge management at all levels (peer to peer and so-called governance learning), because the process experiences are to be rolled out throughout the city and throughout Europe. The development of business models serves to lay the foundations for the replication of the solutions developed in the project, whether within the framework of the city or at European level.

Smarter Together is currently the largest EU subsidized Smart City urban renewal initiative in Vienna.

Smarter Together in the Viennese district of Simmering received the VCÖ Mobility Award 2017 in the category “Active Mobility and Public Space”. Further information can be found here.


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Project Lead “Smarter Together”

Dr. Julia Girardi-Hoog

MA 25 – Municipal Department of Urban Renewal & Inspecting Authority for Residential Buildings

E-Mail: julia.girardi-hoog@wien.gv.at

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