Social City Wien

Social City Vienna brings people together and tries to put the social scene in Vienna into spotlight.

Social City Vienna is a platform for societal and social innovation. Projects and initiatives are launched and supported in five action areas: matching, community, education, sustainability and communication.

The work of Social City Vienna is aimed at launching new projects, improving the networking of existing projects and initiatives and publicising Vienna’s social scene. One of its major objectives is to bring together the city’s stakeholders. In the very first advisory board meeting, the advisory board members addressed the issue of social inclusion, together with Social City Vienna.

The focus is on transferring knowledge and experience between the advisory board members operating within Social City Vienna. Together, they should actively share ideas about relevant socio-political and social issues – because social innovation is not created for but primarily by a city’s stakeholders. Together, they should break down structures, facilitate innovation and develop specific solutions.

Centre for Micro-Enterprises (EPKU)

This service brings together and supports sole traders and small companies and provides a unique service for this target audience. As well as establishing a network, various services will also be developed in future, for them to use. The centre for micro-enterprises quickly and simply provides effective assistance with TV, accounting, marketplace and co-working.

MOOCs Vienna

The new MOOCs Vienna initiative provides online courses that combine the benefits of the digital world with those of traditional learning. Digitally produced and interactive, they allow students to learn anytime, anywhere. MOOCs are more than just recorded lectures. The offer ranges from entire courses to short videos dealing with individual elements. The service includes high-quality videos and possible supplementary texts, test questions and discussion forums, allowing self-study on the one hand and global interaction between students and teachers on the other.

“Stadtmenschen” Volunteering Project

The project “Stadtmenschen” is intended to be the first point of contact for all those in Vienna seeking guidance when searching for information, support facilities and services within Vienna’s social network. The main focus is the idea of neighbourly solidarity. The aim of Social City Vienna’s “Stadtmenschen” project is to encourage the flow of information between social organisations, initiatives and Vienna’s residents.


Within Vienna’s social scene, great projects are developed by great people. Social City Vienna brings those together, makes processes more efficient, improves structures and thereby encourages the growth of social innovation. Social City Vienna matches urban projects with firms and relevant stakeholders and facilitates multiple collaborations. Under the motto, “Partnership, not competition”, the matching projects do not replace Vienna’s existing services or projects. Social City Vienna aims to be a partner for institutions that promote social innovation, and supports them in their fundraising endeavours.


Mag. Richard Vrzal

Social City Vienna


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