RahmenstrategienHow was the Smart City Wien framework strategy developed?

The framework strategy was developed by a team of experts from the city administration and external partners. A strategic and longterm approach was needed. In 2013, based on the input from a multi-stakholderprocess from 2010 til 2012, the city of Vienna decided to create the Smart City Wien framework strategy. Following this decision experts from the city administration came together with civil society, research institutions and the private sector to draft the strategy. After comprehensive discussions, the framework strategy was adopted by the city council on June 25th, 2014. For the execution of the strategy the various departments of the city administration, companies, research institutions and also the citizens have to combine forces to work effectively.

What is the strategy about?Vorstellung Rahmenstrategie

The Smart City Wien framework strategy defines goals for the development of a city that assigns priority to, and interlinks, the issues of energy, mobility, buildings and infrastructure. The framework strategy defines one meta goal for 2050: “The best quality of life for all inhabitants of Vienna, while minimizing the consumption of resources. This will be realized through comprehensive innovation.”

Beyond its vision, the framework is intended to facilitate goals and goal hierarchies, specific strategic approaches, project evaluation criteria for the Smart City Wien, as well as coordinated policy action. This is now implemented with the help of specific, time-phased goals, which are subject to ongoing monitoring and review. The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy identifies three main areas: Resources, Quality of Life, and Innovation. Each central aspect of the Smart City Wien Strategy is represented by an overarching goal that is to be attained by means of detailed targets. The strategy defines ten focus areas. For example, for “Resources” the focus areas are “Energy”, “Mobility”, “Buildings” and “Infrastructure”. Each of the focus areas comprises specific objectives. This document defines a long-term umbrella strategy for 2050, establishing a conducive, long-term and structural framework that will exist alongside other established documents, plans and programs.

The strategy can be downloaded here:

Framework Strategy_Full Version (PDF)

Framework Strategy_Short Version (PDF)

Updating the Framework Strategy

In 2017, the framework strategy was first tested for its effectiveness and feasibility. This monitoring process not only served to measure the achievement of goals but also to prepare for a corresponding update of the framework strategy. Although the framework strategy has proved to be an effective instrument for anchoring its goals within the city and its undertakings, current developments and international obligations give rise to a readjustment of the strategy. However, the pillars of the framework strategy (resource conservation, quality of life and innovation) are not to be questioned.

The update has the following goals:

  • to precisely define, sharpen and widen the role of Smart City Vienna
  • to strengthen the holistic approach of the framework strategy
  • to readjust goals or goal formulations
  • to improved acceptance, awareness and communication
  • to strengthen interconnections with other thematic strategies or concepts

The revision is a participatory process, that involves about 120 participants from 45 organisations within or related to the municipality. The process started in 2018 and will continue until 2019.

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