National and international experts on Smart City Wien

National and international experts talk about the Smart City Wien Initiative, successful projects and new objectives. The interviews are unfortunately only available in German.

Brigitte Bach

AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)

Karin Büchl-Kramstätter

MA 22 – Environmental Protection

Caspar Einem

European Forum Alpbach

Sandra Frauenberger

Executive City Councillor for Women’s Issues, Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel

Werner Gruber

Planetarium Vienna, Kuffner and Urania Observatory

Peter Hacker

Vienna Social Fund

Michael Häupl

Mayor of Vienna

Wolfgang Hesoun

Siemens AG Austria

Claus Hofer

TINA Vienna

Petra Jens

Commissary for Pedestrians in Vienna

Georg Kapsch

Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Norbert Kettner

Vienna Tourist Board

Martin Krajcsir

Vienna Public Utilities (Wiener Stadtwerke)

Thomas Madreiter

Planning Director of the City of Vienna

Andreas Mailath-Pokorny

Executive City Councillor for Cultural Affairs, Science and Sports

Willi Nowak

Austria Traffic Association (VCÖ)

Georg Pölzl

Austria Postal Service (Österreichische Post AG)

Walter Ruck

Viennese Economic Chamber

Ulli Sima

Executive City Councillor for the Environment and Vienna Public Utilities

Ursula Struppe

MA17 – Integration and Diversity

Maria Vassilakou

Executive City Councillor for Urban Planning, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation

Thomas Weninger

Austrian Association of Cities and Towns

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