Begrüßung durch den Moderator Markus Pohanka (c) Fürthner

The Smart City Wien initiative depends on the cooperation of many participants from the city administration, business, science and civil society. The Smart City Wien Forums are of particular importance to both the development and the implementation of Smart City Wien. The topics and focus varies with each forum. According to the implementation of the Smart City Wien framework strategy, all areas at the given point in time should be paid attention to.

The Smart City Wien Forums are organised and coordinated by the Smart City Wien Agency, located in TINA Vienna. According to the thematic focus, relevant partner services, specialists and theme leaders as project partners are included. The target audience for one consists of the long-term, for those persons within of the magistrate interested in the topic and the peri-urban operations. Furthermore, according to the main topic, the stakeholders and cooperation partners contacted and invited (entrepreneurship, science, students, citizens, etc.) are explicitly extended.

The forums, which took place regularly since 2014, focused on the topics framework strategy, ICT, public participation as well as education and digital competence.

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