shutterstock_128843764In March 2011 the Mayor of Vienna announced the initiative “Smart City Wien”, followed in its wake by a project of the same name funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund as part of the “Smart Energy Demo – FIT for SET”. The project brings together all relevant fields of knowledge and stakeholders with the objective of utilising, continuously building on and internationalising the city’s strengths.

The key element of the initiative was a stakeholder process in the course of which all stakeholders inside and outside the city administration were asked to participate in either general consultation teams or teams focusing on specific issues. The six themes addressed by the platform were population development, environment, administration, economy, energy and mobility.

Three forums provided the backbone: in a first step the broadly defined stakeholder process mapped out the “Smart Energy Vision 2050″ as a long-term vision for the city’s energy future. Subsequently a “Roadmap for 2020 and Beyond” was designed that will allow the city to realise this vision while attaining its medium-term (2020) energy goals. Finally an “Action Plan for 2012-2015″ was drawn up defining the measures required to meet these goals.

Smart City Wien (Vision 2050, Roadmap for 2020 and beyond, Action Plan for 2012-15)

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