The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2014. The adaptation to the updated version of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy will follow shortly.

Smart City Wien highly values education and considers itself a top-flight research location. Education smooths the path; research, technology and innovation yield new smart technical and social solutions and the economy finally implements those solutions and creates employment.

Objectives in the area Education:

  • Everyone enjoys low-threshold access to high-quality, inclusive educational facilities at the earliest possible age and continues his/her education beyond compulsory schooling.
  • By 2030 a city-wide network of “learning communities” (Bildungsgrätzl) has been established to create learning spaces that are tailored to local neighbourhoods, communities and lifestyles.
  • Vienna boasts a comprehensive, needs-based, inclusive choice of digital education
  • A diverse range of public engagement programmes open up access to Vienna’s multi-faceted arts & cultural scene.
  • Raising awareness of sustainable, resource-efficient development is a standard teaching objective in all educational institutions.
  • Vienna’s education, training and qualification programmes reflect changing occupational profiles and equip the workforce with the expertise and skills to apply new smart technologies and practices.

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