The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2014. The adaptation to the updated version of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy will follow shortly.

The share of green makes up half of Vienna’s municipal territory. As a “green lung”, these areas contribute significantly to Vienna’s high quality of living. The city depends on the functioning of the ecosystems that surround and permeate it. Spacious and attractive green and open spaces within the municipal territory must be safeguarded even in a growing city; they must be easily reachable by eco-friendly means and should be barrier-free and publicly accessible. This is a key contribution to quality of living and life satisfaction.

Obejctives in the area Environment:

  • By 2030, the share of green spaces must be kept at over 50%. Especially in a growing city, additional recreational areas must be safeguarded to keep up with the rising population figures.
  • In 2020, municipal waste management attains approx. 270,000 tons of CO2 equivalents by savings as a result of further measures and improvements.

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