The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2014. The adaptation to the updated version of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy will follow shortly.

Physical, but in particular also psychosocial health, are substantial factors for individual well-being and life satisfaction. A health promoting environment is to be ensured for all age groups and has to be promoted and guaranteed from kindergarten on, to schools, through to workplaces.

Objectives in the area Healthcare:

  • In 2030 the healthy life expectancy of the Viennese population has increased by two years.
  • Provision of high-quality medical care in Vienna is guaranteed.
  • Smart City Wien supports healthy active ageing – care-dependent Viennese citizens receive high-quality care at home or close to home for as long as possible.
  • Health literacy is promoted at both the individual and organisational level.
  • All social groups, especially vulnerable ones, are protected against the health risks associated with climate change.

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