The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2014. The adaptation to the updated version of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy will follow shortly.

International rankings and studies underline, that Vienna exhibits a particularly high quality of life and an equally high degree of social participation. That is substantial location factor and plays an important in regards to urban development. Smart urban development creates prerequisites in spatial planning and structural conditions, that facilitate the process of changing to environmentally and climate friendly mobility forms.

Objectives in the area Location:

  • In 2050, Vienna remains one of the ten European regions with the highest purchasing power based on per-capita GDP.
  • Vienna further strengthens its position as the preferred company HQ city in Central/South-eastern Europe.
  • 10,000 persons annually set up an enterprise in Vienna.
  • The direct investment flows from and to Vienna have doubled as compared to 2013.
  • The share of technology-intensive products in the export volume has increased to 80% by 2050 (as compared to 60% in 2012).

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