The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2014. The adaptation to the updated version of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy will follow shortly.

Vienna is world-renowned for its successful social participation and its high-quality public services. The continuation of the Viennese path towards social inclusion is of utmost importance in order to ensure participation of everyone. Social inclusion stands for a candid and solidary society, for peaceful cohabitation, mutual respect and acceptance. Social variety and diversity are perceived to be an opportunity. This requires an appropriate configuration of the social network – as dense as necessary and as individual as possible.

Objectives in the area Social Affairs:

  • All people in Vienna enjoy good neighbourly and safe life conditions irrespective of their background, physical and psychological condition, sexual orientation and gender identity. Vienna is a city of diversity that is expressed to the fullest in all areas of life.
  • High-quality, affordable housing and an attractivehousing environment are made accessible to the largest possible share of the population.
  • Active participation at work as well as the performed work must be adequately remunerated and ensure the coverage of all basic needs in life.
  • Women are involved in planning, decision-making and implementation processes in keeping with their share in the total population. All persons involved in these processes dispose of gender competence.

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