The structure presented here and the underlying objectives follow the resolution of the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy 2019. 

Technological developments, digitalisation and automation, and above all advancing climate change, affect everybody – but not necessarily equally. Today more than ever, therefore, the focus of Smart City Wien remains on social cohesion and equal opportunities. Social inclusion signifies an open, cooperative society based on community cohesion, mutual respect and acceptance, where social plurality and diversity are seen as an opportunity. The social safety net needs to be structured accordingly – as strong as necessary, yet as flexible as possible.

Objectives in the area Social Inclusion:

  • Vienna is a diverse city that promotes gender equality and opportunities for participation for all who live here.
  • Vienna provides high quality of life and amenity value in all parts of the city by investing in public infrastructure, strengthening community cohesion and fostering urban competences.
  • Vienna continues to provide an adequate supply of high-quality subsidised housing to reduce the percentage of people who cannot afford their housing costs.
  • Vienna stands out for its fair working conditions, adequate wages for gainful employment and social welfare structures, which allow a decent standard of living for all.
  • Municipal services are accessible to all citizens of Vienna – to an increasing extent in digital form, and, where required, in analogue form as previously.

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