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The Thematic City Map “Energy” provides access to energy-relevant information in Vienna. The comprehensive map material is available free of charge.

In times of resource scarcity, the use of local renewable energy sources is becoming more and more important. To give citizens, building contractors, municipal authorities, companies and all interested parties a quick overview of local energy potentials the Thematic City Map “Energy” was created by the municipal department 20 (Energy Planning) in cooperation with various partners. Among other things, this provides information on the solar, geothermal, wind and waste heat potentials. The thematic city map can be accessed through the city map.

Solar potential cadastre

The solar potential cadastre is a practical tool to quickly find information on the potential of Vienna’s roof areas for solar use. This map displays both the potential of the generation of heat (solar thermal energy) as well as electricity (photovoltaic).

Geothermal potential cadastre

About one third of the area of Vienna is outstandingly suited for the use of near-surface geothermal energy and groundwater for energy purposes. In some areas, closed-loop systems, such as systems with geothermal probes, are more suitable for regenerative heat recovery. In other areas, open systems, such as water-to-water heat pumps, make more sense. Whether and for which types of use a site is suitable can be seen in the geothermal potential cadastre. In addition to its function as an information platform for interested citizens, the geothermal potential cadastre also serves as an instrument for regional energy planning.

Wind potential cadastre

Due to its location, favourable wind conditions prevail in the Vienna area. The wind potential cadastre gives an overview of possible plant locations. Wind power complements renewable electricity perfectly, but is not yet widely used in the city. The cadastre is based on a comprehensive survey and evaluation of the potentials for the energetic use of wind ten meters above the average building height in the urban area of Vienna.

Waste heat potential map

In the city of Vienna, there are numerous waste heat streams that are released to the environment without being used. Existing local energy potentials should be used optimally and the energy demand should be coordinated with local resources at an early stage. In doing so, unused heat potentials arising during industrial processes should be made visible. This energy could be made available to consumers. Therefore, it was analysed which potential sources of waste heat are available in the city and if these can contribute to a sustainable, energy-efficient and economic energy supply of the neighbouring building stock.

Energy production plants

Vienna can draw on an innovative energy supply system, which has a variety of facilities in the city. A layer in the city map displays the energy production plants in the city and provides key data on these facilities.

Innovative energy projects

In Vienna, many innovative energy projects have been realised in recent years. The cartographic presentation is intended to facilitate access to relevant information and to provide an overview of the flagship projects spread throughout the city.


Municipal Department 20 – Energy Planning


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