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Robotics, developing apps and experimenting in the lab – at the Vienna Research Festival children and adolescents have the opportunity to immerse into the exciting world of research and to test new technologies live.

The Vienna Business Agency is committed to a wide range of activities related to technology awareness. The aim is to inform the broad public of Vienna, together with Viennese companies, universities and research facilities, about new technologies and research activities and to inspire children about science and research. In an immediate illustrative way approachable research, which is fun, is presented.

Since 2008, the Vienna Business Agency has organized the Vienna Research Festival in two different formats: one year it is in the form of a large convention, in the other years an exibition on tour  is organised.

Vienna Research Festival 2015

More than 11,000 young and old visitors at the Vienna Research Festival 2015 were able to get a close look at research from Vienna. Under the motto “From Research to Product”, 40 exhibitors from industry and science presented their current research projects for a weekend – all made in Vienna!

Visitors could, for example, control robots with manual gestures, take a virtual parachute jump or sit down in the operator’s cab of a highly modern tram. For the first time, the Vienna Research Festival 2015 offered with its own innovation lab a room for workshops and lectures. Workshops and experiment for childen with science buster such as Werner Gruber, as well as lectures for adults, provided insights into current research topics such as computer security, allergies or humanoid robots.

On Tour 2016

A virtual trip through a gladiatorial school, programming games or isolating the DNA of a banana and taking it home – the Research Festival on Tour 2016 took place at two locations – the University College of Teacher Education Vienna and the Ecclesiastical University College of Teacher Education Vienna. The exhibitors ranged from dynamic start-ups to renowned research Institutes and reflected the diversity and strength of the research sector of Vienna.


Kristina Wrohlich

Vienna Business Agency

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