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Robotics, developing apps and experimenting in the lab – at the Vienna Research Festival children and adolescents have the opportunity to immerse into the exciting world of research and to test new technologies live.

The Vienna Business Agency is committed to a wide range of activities related to technology awareness. The aim is to inform the broad public of Vienna, together with Viennese companies, universities and research facilities, about new technologies and research activities and to inspire children about science and research. In an immediate illustrative way approachable research, which is fun, is presented.

Since 2008, the Vienna Business Agency has organized the Vienna Research Festival in two different formats: one year it is in the form of a large convention, in the other years an exibition on tour  is organised.

Vienna Research Festival 2020

From 20 to 22 March 2020, the Vienna Research Festival will move into the City Hall! In the heart of the City of Vienna, the Vienna Business Agency, together with companies, universities of applied sciences and the city administration, will present research and innovations, that can be experienced first hand. Beside the participatory exhibition there will be a framework programme. For Viennese school classes there will also be an accompanying school programme on nine additional days. Furthermore, there will be a programme for all interested children and young people during the Easter holidays.

On Tour 2019

Explore our food of the future, invent smart apps and track down hidden microplastics in our everyday lives. At the Vienna Research Festival on Tour school classes will again have the opportunity this year to immerse themselves in the exciting world of research and try new Viennese technologies. More than 3,000 Viennese schoolchildren between the age of 6 and 15 attend the Research Festival on Tour.

On Saturday, 28th of September 2019, there will be an open day and everybody is invited to visit the Research Festival on Tour in the Technology Centre II Seestadt.


Kristina Wrohlich

Vienna Business Agency

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