Smart.                     Simple.

Baking hot:
local energy supply.

We heat
with chocolate.


  1. About a third of all Viennese households (380,000 homes) are supplied with district heating.
  2. 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided per year thanks to district heating in Vienna.
  3. The first City of Vienna district heating pipes were laid in 1970, connecting the waste incineration plant Spittelau and the general hospital AKH Wien.

In 2018, Vienna’s district heating network stretched out to 1,200 km. That’s the distance from Vienna to Paris.


„We are investing a total of 40 million Euros into expanding and modernizing the Manner wafers headquarters in the seventeenth district of Vienna. The floor area has been increased by a third, production has gone up and we have made energy use more efficient in collaboration with Wien Energie. We use the hot air from the baking process. It’s collected in pipes and delivered by ventilators to the roof, where a recuperator turns the hot air into hot water. Excess heat is fed directly into the local district heating network with a power of 1 megawatt, supplying clean energy for heating and hot water to 600 households in our immediate neighbourhood. In addition, excess industrial heat is transformed for cooling purposes in the production of Manner wafers. That makes us more than a sweets producer of global standing: we are also an innovative energy producer.“ Christian Frömmel, Head of Facility and Energy Management, Manner

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