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The wien.at live app offers various services: an offline city map, information about the weather and public transport as well as a refuggee relief function. Until September 2017 the app was downloaded more than 80,000 times.

An increasing number of people are using digital content on mobile devices. wien.at has been available for some time in optimised (responsive) form for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The wien.at live app for Android and iOS completes the mobile offering.

It is at all times available to provide direct access to the relevant digital services of the City of Vienna. The features range from a city plan (also available offline, for situations where there is no internet access) and a QR code reader with enhanced security to real-time information on current disruptions in the Vienna public transport system.

Push function proves very popular

When the wien.at live app was first offered for download in summer 2015, it was best known for the proven wien.at services such as its online city plan, its display of Vienna’s Wi-Fi hotspots and its directory of essential telephone numbers.

It also offered an integrated push function, still largely unknown but offering a lot of potential. To date around 12,000 users have registered for the push function for weather warnings. 1,500 citizens receive notifications for events, and around 1,400 follow the public transport information.

The refugee help function, introduced in September 2015, saw several thousand new sign-ups in just a few days. The wien.at live app thus provided substantial support in the coordination of refugee assistance in Vienna.

There have been around 80,000 downloads (September 2017) of the wien.at live app, with somewhat more Android than iOS users.


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