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In order to prevent high wind speeds and wind shafts in the new district around the central station of Vienna, the city of Vienna was commissioned in advance to carry out a wind comfort study. The results and the recommended measures could thus be taken into account in the planning of the land use planning.

The new quarter around Wien Hauptbahnhof, including all the public spaces, cover an area of 109 hectares and are considered to be one of the projects of the century. It was and still is of utmost importance to the city of Vienna that these public spaces and places are accepted and used by residents as well as by visitors.

For that reason a wind-comfort study was commissioned. Its results will influence the development of measures for identified hotspots and are to be considered in the area zoning plan.

Adaption of the masterplan

The first step was a diagnosis. Subsequently the joint development of measures for so-called hotspots followed. At such spots strong winds, which are perceived unpleasant, occur more frequently.

What makes this investigation special is that the proposed measures were already taken into consideration in the masterplan. Only at such an early phase it is possible to make changes such as a correction to the alignment of a street (to prevent wind corridors) or what a certain site is going to be dedicated for (alignment of buildings).

Improvement of the sojourn quality in public spaces

The investigation serves as a basis and stimulator for the development of measures for building sites and parks through real estate developers as well as for further planning processes through the municipal departments. Through measures such as the adaption of plans or the planting of trees in order to protect certain areas from the wind can significantly improve the sojourn quality in public spaces. This additionally happens through the promotion of natural ventilation of open spaces in order to prevent extreme heat during summer and by impeding unpleasant wind currents.

The study was commissioned by the municipal department for road management and construction (MA28) and conducted by the company Weatherpark.


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