fearless is the intelligent, contactless fall sensor by cogvis that not only detects falls, but also helps to prevent them through preventive measures.


→ 30 % of people 65+ fall once a year

→ This leads to injuries and high hospital costs

→ annually 37.3 million falls demand medical care

→ 646,000 fatal falls every year

→ Second most common cause of unintentional injuries (after traffic accidents)

Source: WHO Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age

fearless – from research to product 

Originally fearless was developed within the framework of the project “MuBisA”, which was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Association. Subsequently, the project was given the name “FEARLESS” and got supported with 2.4 million euros from the EU as well as national sponsors. The idea behind the research project was simple and yet complex: a system that no longer requires a sensor to be worn on the body, no alarm button to be operated, but remains easy to operate despite complex technologies. For more than three years cogvis worked with research partners in Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria on the development of the prototype. The device was co-developed and tested by interdisciplinary experts, e.g. from the Medical University of Vienna, psychologists as well as nursing and care institutions.

Among others fearless was tested in WAALTeR test households. WAALTeR stands for Viennese AAL test region, AAL for active & assisted living, i.e. intelligent technology support in everyday life in the form of various assistance systems and smart home applications. Cogvis Software und Consulting GmbH was a partner in the WAALTeR project, which was supervised by the Smart City Vienna Agency (Urban Innovation Vienna) as consortium leader.

Today fearless is the first contactless fall sensor that works on the basis of 3D data evaluation. However, the system can also be used in many other fields of application. One of them is the automatic stand-up detection, which has already been implemented. The system works with the help of 3D sensors that are mounted in the room and communicate wirelessly with the outside world. Special protection is also given in terms of privacy. In the event of a fall information is only transmitted in an anonymous form.

Fall prevention and fall detection within one system

fearless is the intelligent, contactless fall sensor that not only detects falls, but also helps to prevent them through preventive measures. On the other hand, fearless already detects when a person is getting up or standing up and can immediately call caregivers for help. In addition, fearless is able to switch on the light automatically, which supports the prevention of falls especially at night. Both can greatly reduce the risk of a fall.

Should a fall nevertheless occur in the room, fearless immediately alerts without the intervention of the fallen person. Due to this combination of measures, fearless is far superior to conventional solutions – such as step mats – in terms of functionality, range as well as early alarming. This provides reliable and rapid assistance. The use of fearless allows an efficient nursing staff deployment. At the same time, the system provides a decisive time advantage in case of emergency. fearless can be easily installed on the wall or ceiling. So, there is no more need for watches or mats on the floor. The system is already successfully used in over 40 nursing homes, senior residences and hospitals throughout Austria.


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