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© Manfred Pendl

City Nature

Vienna and Bratislava strengthen biodiversity
16. June 2020/by flowo

fearless – the intelligent fall sensor

AI-based fall prevention
10. December 2019/by berginz
© Christian Fürthner


How do we succeed in the energy transition? Three basic studies are looking for clues!
28. August 2019/by flowo
© Christian Fürthner

Electric powered waste collection vehicle

Austria’s first fully electric-powered waste collection vehicle
14. August 2019/by flowo

Aquaponics in the City

sustainable fish and vegetables from Vienna
10. July 2019/by flowo

Smart Traffic Lights

intelligent traffic lights for improved traffic flow
17. June 2019/by flowo
© David | Goodlife Crew


reusable coffee to go cups
14. May 2019/by flowo
© Wien Energie

Smart Inspection

drone maintenance of technical installations
11. April 2019/by flowo

50 green houses

development and demonstration of a low-tech facade greening system
1. April 2019/by flowo

E-Mobility Scenario 2030

e-mobility in a field test
28. March 2019/by flowo

Mapping the Common Swift through Citizen Science

protection nature in dense urban areas with the support of citizens
4. December 2018/by flowo

Energy Saving License

saving energy at work and in everyday life
4. July 2018/by flowo

Grätzlfahrrad Cargo Bikes

rental bikes for large transport in the neighbourhood
17. May 2018/by flowo


the green shopping guide
16. May 2018/by flowo

Optimal microclimate in aspern

wind comfort study for a better quality of life
9. May 2018/by flowo

Waffle Bakery as Local Energy Provider

heating with waste heat from the production of waffles
29. March 2018/by flowo


clean heat and a stable power grid
7. March 2018/by flowo

Blockchain in the energy sector

Wien Energie as a pioneer in the energy industry
14. February 2018/by flowo

Seismic sensors to find hot water

expanding the geothermal energy sector through seismic analyses
29. January 2018/by flowo
© ASCR - Walter Schaub-Walzer

Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR)

solutions for the future of energy in open space
17. January 2018/by Nicole Swoboda
© www.lukaslang.com

Temporary Office Buildings at Heldenplatz

sustainable and reusable buidlings
12. December 2017/by flowo


Vienna's first library of things
31. October 2017/by Nicole Swoboda

Thewosan – Integrated Renovation

holistic residential building renovation
29. September 2017/by flowo

Research Project Unteres Hausfeld

concrete savings thanks to soil analysis
22. September 2017/by Nicole Swoboda

Vienna Research Festival

young talent for science and research
13. September 2017/by Nicole Swoboda

Future Jobs

Vocational Orientation Workshop with Future
5. July 2017/by Nicole Swoboda
Co-Creation Lab Vienna © Fotolia

Co-Creation Lab Vienna

innovation through cooperation
3. July 2017/by Nicole Swoboda

thinkport Vienna

Think Tank und Mobility Lab for Smart Urban Logistics
22. May 2017/by Nicole Swoboda
© Wiener Linien / Johannes Zinner

Energy from metro brakes

pilot project for the more efficient use of metro brake energy
20. April 2017/by rg_1

Smart City Wien Framework Strategy Monitoring

Smart City Wien is gearing up for the future
13. April 2017/by Nicole Swoboda

Smart Campus

the smart and environmentally friendly headquarters of the Vienna Networks
11. April 2017/by rg_1


expanding the c-car-sharing network
18. February 2017/by flowo
© HoHo Wien und HoHo Next cetus Baudevelopment GmbH und Rüdiger Lainer und Partner Architekten ZT GmbH

HoHo Vienna

the timber high-rise
2. December 2016/by wien1.elm0001@wien.gv.at
© schreinerkastler.at

Dual water infiltration model

innovative Viennese model for infiltration of street waters
30. November 2016/by wien1.elm0001@wien.gv.at
© PID/Votava

Viennese Campus Model

multi-stage educational offer at a single location
29. October 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat


new separation process to re-use CO2
28. September 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

Hanging Gardens of Oberlaa

vertical herb herb garden in the elementary school Oberlaa
29. June 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

Vienna Sewer Simmering

Europe's largest sewer construction project in Simmering
3. June 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

Wind Comfort Optimisation at the Vienna Central Station

more comfort in public spaces
30. May 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

LED streetlights

LED technology for public lighting
3. April 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat


improved energy efficiency through waste heat
3. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

“klimaaktiv” renewable heating programme

decarbonising the Austrian heating sector
2. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

Smart Block Step II Wien

multi-property solutions in the areas of energy, mobility and financing
2. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

Smart Services

development of business models for smart cities
2. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat

ICT-Integration Vienna Aspern

technical concept for the ICT-integration in Aspern
2. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat
© ebswien hauptkläranlage


European cooperation for improved energy planning
2. March 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat
(c) Urban Innovation Vienna


transnational strategy for the protection of our water resources
28. February 2016/by Fahrgastbeirat
(c) Wiener Stadtwerke/Michele Pauty

E-Taxi Vienna

250 E-Taxis for Vienna
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

University of Economics (WU) Campus

modern university campus in Leopoldstadt
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

Drinking water power station

generating eletricity from Vienna's spring water
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

Photovoltaic Roof Garden

open space, green space and a photovoltaic system on the roof
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat
Technology Centre Seestadt © Kurt Kuball

Technology Centre Seestadt

Austria's first commercially used plus-energy building
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

EcoBuy Vienna

the City of Vienna buys sustainably
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

Smart Cities Demo Aspern (SCDA)

the future of urban energy systems
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

Smart from A to B

multi-modal route planner for all provinces
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat


project with various housing forms in Meidling
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

High-rise buildings as a source of recyclable materials

recycling of buildings
1. January 2015/by Fahrgastbeirat

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

first energy-self-sufficient city hotel
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Bike City

apartments for bike enthusiasts
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat


energy from clearing sludge
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

The MA 48 Waste App

information on waste disposal
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Open Government Data

freely accessible data from the city administration
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

CO2 neutral delivery

emission-free delivery with the Austrian Postal Service
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

EcoBusiness Vienna

consultation and support for eco-minded businesses
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Vienna Central Station

new traffic hub and neighbourhood for Vienna
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Citybike Vienna

bike-sharing in Vienna
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat


Austria's first green laboratory
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Urban Mining

the city as a raw material supplier
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat


renewable energy in the main wastewater treatment plant
1. January 2014/by Fahrgastbeirat

Citizens Solar Power Plants

contribute to the development of renewable energy production
1. January 2014/by Bernd Pinter
(c) Urban Innovation Vienna

Car-free living

model project for car-free living in Floridsdorf
1. January 2014/by Bernd Pinter

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