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The pillars of the smart modernisation are the involvement of tenants, the integration of the environment, the consideration of the socio-demographic change and the socio-economic framework conditions.

With the active involvement of residents, an innovative modernization roadmap is being developed for two Vienna apartment blocks with 150 apartments, with flexible, future-viable new housing types to improve the living quality of future generations. Essential basic points in smart modernization are, in addition to involving the tenants, the inclusion of the residential environment, consideration of sociodemographic change and the socioeconomic framework conditions. In addition to the energy renovation of the residential building and shaping the living environment the project also encompasses sustainable mobility. Through comprehensive communication and information, it relies on the participation of the residents and takes into account factors of demographic change and social sustainability in developing its renovation concept.


The goal is, based on this investigation project, to develop affordable, socially, economically and ecologically sustainable implementation proposals, to document them in a project manual (affordable technical/organizational solutions and additional services – mobility, social services) and to put them together in a process manual (describing the investigation process, taking into account the questions, players, responsibilities, etc.) for the transfer to future and similarl projects.

Innovation Content

A comprehensive treatment of this type in the planned bandwidth and with high coordination efforts would not come about without funding. Gender aspects are taken into consideration with regard to user-specific housing types, the configuration of common areas, mobility and ICT solutions in a suitable fashion. Currently lacking implementation experiences should be compiled with comprehensive resident participation, which constitutes the special innovation content.


DI Dorin Mandl


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