An increasing number of public WLAN access points at public places and in leisure areas offer location-based information and free of charge access to the internet.

Based on the goals and the planned measures of the ICT strategy of the city of Vienna and the Digital Agenda Wien, the development of WLAN access points was strongly expedited since 2015. At the moment there are approximately 350 access points across Vienna. By the end of 2016 this number will increase to 400. In the long run all districts of Vienna should be covered. You can find the current access points on this map:

In order to ensure an optimal service for all users, the up- and download speed is currently limited to one megabit per second. For the reason of protection (children, adolescents etc.) not all sites on the internet are available. There is a so-called blacklist, which prevents access to sites with malware or sites with alarming content. Accessing WLAN is possible within a hundred meters of the access point.

Multimedia stations with internet access

For persons without a WLAN-capable device, there additionally are multimedia-stations, which enable access to the internet in public places. Accessing public administration websites – identifiable from the “.gv.” in the web address – is free of charge at the multimedia stations.

The development and the operation of the WLAN access point are within the area of responsibility of the municipal department for public lighting (MA33). Through the usage of existing infrastructure, such as light towers, tubes and data cables of the traffic lighting facilities, a cost-optimised realisation is ensured.


MA 33 –Public Lighting

Tel. +43 1 4000 33003



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