Wien Gestalten provides a quick overview of current and completed volunteering projects and events in Vienna.

Be it volunteering projects for children and teens, designing community gardens, parks, roads or squares, the development of boroughs, or even “private” district initiative projects by “Lokale Agenda 21” or urban renewal and neighbourhood management – in total, over 300 projects and dozens of events every month are included in Vienna’s Volunteering Database and constantly updated. To simplify the process, current volunteering events in Vienna are also communicated via facebook and twitter.

Aim of the site aims to provide central, transparent information at a glance, to show where you can volunteer in Vienna. Completed volunteering projects can also be accessed, with links to the people and/or organisations responsible. Users can look for projects in the database by topic, district or method, using the search function. Alternatively, they can use the interactive map to zoom in on the relevant district by topic, in order to find past and present volunteering projects.


The idea arose during the project “Volunteering Manual – Developing the City Together” in which it became obvious that there was no central platform and overview of volunteering projects in Vienna, and therefore the hundreds of volunteering projects that have taken place in Vienna in recent years could only be traced by trawling though various websites.

Who is behind is a Dialog Plus project, whose declared aim is the sustainable promotion and ongoing development of Vienna’s volunteering culture. The database available at plays a major role in this.

In order to make the service more widely accessible, has been providing the City of Vienna with details of volunteering projects since the end of March 2015.

By providing details of public volunteering projects and events for the database, you’re helping to promote Vienna’s volunteering culture.Firstly, they are produced as open data for the Open Government Data Initiative. Secondly, current projects are displayed on the Vienna city map, under the communication and volunteering filters.


Dialog Plus e.U.


Website: Wien Gestalten

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