Water and Waste

Water supply, waste water treatment and waste management are munic- ipal services of special relevance for the conservation of resources and for their exacting requirements in terms of infrastructure development and maintenance. According to the latest monitoring results, the high quality of Vienna‘s infrastructure in these fields is secured for the long term. Ongoing programmes such as the refurbishment of the sewerage system, however, require consistent follow-through in order to stay on track for attainment of objectives.

In the field of waste management, Vienna pursues a multi-tiered strategy: promotion of waste prevention – separate collection of waste for recycling – thermal treatment of residual waste and production of district heating. The amount of residual waste produced each year has thus remained relatively constant despite the population growth of recent years. The amount of waste per capita has even fallen slightly.

Green and Open Spaces

Adequate provision of green and open spaces to keep pace with the increasing demands of the growing city is one of the key objectives of Smart City Wien, uniting the ecological targets with economic and, above all, social objectives. In recent years, the proportion of green space in Vienna has been kept at over 50%. Especially against the current background of continuous population growth, special attention must be paid to the timely creation of additional high-quality recreation areas as well as to the safeguarding of accessible outdoor spaces in increasingly densely built-up areas.

The share of green space in the entire urban area was last maintained at over 50% in Vienna. In the coming years, in the light of continued population growth, it will be necessary to create additional recreational areas of high quality. The urban development plan STEP 2025 defined specific areas for this purpose. In addition, open spaces must be secured in the increasingly dense areas. In new construction projects, the aim should be to maintain a high share of green areas by careful managing unsealed ground and through measures such as rooftop or facade greeneries.

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