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More than 13,000 users already use the free helper of the MA 48. Each week, around 100 new registrations are added.

The MA 48 app offers all key information regarding waste disposal in Vienna. The publicly accessible facilities of the waste management divisions, street cleaning, and vehicle fleet (MA 48) can be located easily on the city plan. A calendar lists the next collection dates of the mobile collection points for problematic waste , the “yellow bag “collection for single-family homes included in the area within the 21stand 22nd District, as well as upcoming events of MA 48.

The “Waste ABC” of the app provides clear-cut information about environmentally correct waste separation, news updates and easy contact with MA 48 – the complete package. In addition, important information about the central lost and found services of Vienna is accessible.

International data show that the motivation of citizens to participate in waste separation faces greater challenges in metropolitan than in rural areas. To this end, MA 48 makes an effort to reach out regularly to various target groups using all types of communication available. This requires constant innovation in the area of services and communication.

Over 13.000 users have already downloaded the app – this took place within approximately 14 months. Approximately 100 new users are added every week.

Project Data

In late 2011, it was decided to program a special waste app to complement the existing communication channels and to make this app available free of charge.

In spring 2012, MA 48 developed a specifications sheet listing all relevant functions and hired an outside contractor to develop and implement it. Parallel to the completion of the app, a communication concept was developed for its promotion.

The application has been available as a free download to all smartphone users (android and iOS) since November 2012. Simply type“die48er” in the respective search function and download the free app.

The greatest advantage for citizens is the simplicity of the app. With just a few taps, information concerning waste separation can be accessed, anywhere and anytime. MA 48 can also be contacted directly if needed. The application helps make the entire process of waste separation easier.

Overview of functions

  • City plan including public facilities of MA 48 48er: public recycling sites, waste disposal sites, problem waste collection sites, public toilets, dog waste bag dispensers, drop off site for lost and found items
  • Augmented reality presentation of the MA 48 facilities
  • Calendar with a reminder function for pickup dates for the mobile collection of problem waste, “yellow bag “collection, and MA 48 events
  • “Waste ABC “ for information on waste separation
  • Other useful information such as news updates, links to environmentally relevant topics, and easy ways of contacting MA 48 through social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) or by conventional means by email and Wastephone, all directly accessible through the app.


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